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I need the support of an entire city! On Friday, Milo accidentally got out of the house and we've been searching since. We've posted across Facebook, PawBoost, NextDoor, Tiktok (@bughcawe) and Instagram (@bughcawe_designs), opened a report with the Humane Society and called all nearby vets and left a name and number with them incase he's turned over. We have a cage outside with food and water and have searched the neighborhood daily. We've driven around Southdale and Windsor Park playing conure noises as well as some of his favorite music. We call for him where ever we go and always have our eyes open searching for him. We are so hopeful he'll find his way home, as he is missed dearly by his family and fellow brother bird - please continue to keep your ears and eyes open for our Milo! Last seen in Southdale at Lakewood and Brookhaven. PLEASE SHARE!

Made myself some gems!

Them: So what do you do in your free time?

Me: 😳
Also Me: They glow in the dark!
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